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carry this boring world on our backs

eyes that can't lie

y o s e o b
18 March
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cube united

alexis / sixteen / hawaii. I'm an annoying k-pop stan, who likes to make icons and write fic. I'd like to think I'm original, but I'm probably not very. Feel free to add me, I'll most likely add you back.

Box 2

I am incredibly yoseob and beast biased. But I do enjoy 2ne1, infinite, teen top, f(x), miss a, B1A4, 2pm, 4minute, t-ara, 2am, x-5. I have a soft spot in my heart for k-dramas. My current favorites include dream high and city hunter. Old dramas I've watched include boys over flowers, goong, paradise ranch, smile, you, dae jang geum, thank you, and way too many I've started but have not finished. Some American tv shows I watch are psych, hawaii five-o, community, switched at birth, project runway, nine lives of chole king, and make it or break it.
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