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carry this boring world on our backs
eyes that can't lie
11 11 14 - bitter; hanbin
1.3k, hanbin-centric
pretty angsty, first time writing for ikon so hopefully this isn't too badly characterized
The bitterness doesn’t leave even months after the show is over.Collapse )

romance, 1.2k
taken from my own opening prompt challenge
a little different from my normal stuff, so i hope it makes sense
for all the people who fall in love with someone on their train

That’s why I fall in love with strangers.Collapse )
college roommates!au; sehun/henry/kris and amber's just kind of always there.
slice of life-ish?, romance and just general stupidity.
6,869w, pg-13

so there isn't a whole lot of plot-driving forces and this is kind of just a lot of vignettes? i dont really know what this is, but i had a lot of fun writing it.
It’s 3 am and way too late but it’s the week of midterms and suddenly they’re regretting playing video games all week.Collapse )
less of a challenge and more like "I just want you to use these words."

from time to time I find myself writing sentences that could be expanded into a full story, but never actually do. but I'm putting these out there to hopefully inspire some other writers or maybe challenge them to see what they can come up with?

feel free to change the gender pronouns to fit your story or the pov. please link me to your finished drabbles/one shots/etc because obviously i wanna read them! a little tiny credit would be nice, but not necessary~

this may be updated from time to time as well
take these if you wantCollapse )
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